About the TAMU Collaborative Learning Center - Our Mission and Goals

Proven Experience in Education

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to provide learning experiences that develop competence and confidence within learners of all ages and to create a compassion for working cooperatively and communicating respectfully. Our goals include providing experiences that promote moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.
We know our mission sets an incredibly high bar for us to achieve and maintain – day after day and year after year – but we are confident that our goals can be met by working together with parents and caregivers, TAMU faculty and staff, and our student center coaches, teachers and staff.

Program Goals

There are many choices for child care in our community, but we believe CLC provides exceptional care and high quality learning experiences for children and families. Our unique program is designed purposefully to:
  • Inform and enhance the quality of childcare and early childhood education
  • Provide age-appropriate, interactive, meaningful learning opportunities for children, students, and adults
  • Build partnerships and extend learning opportunities for educators through onsite professional development, coaching, and training
  • Conduct research and inform others about child growth and development
  • Demonstrate effective methods for differentiating instruction and care for diverse capabilities and needs

Inspired by Tradition
Informed by Research

Our Program & School

The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) is a state licensed preschool that provides half-day and full-day learning experiences and childcare during an academic year for all children ages 2-6 years and a summer enrichment program for students ages 6-8 years. There are unique differences in our classroom management at CLC. Children participate in whole and small group learning experiences for adult-led and child-directed activities. Children participate as classroom community members. They serve as leaders and helpers, actively making choices, choosing learning centers, and engaging in discussions about thematic unit of study. Children and teachers engage in collaborative conversations at a Teaching Table and a Worktable while participating in shared reading and writing activities, mathematic operations and scientific experiments, and creative art experiences.
A typical day at the student center is busy as children participate in interesting learning activities and productive play in centers. Guidance and support for the instructional program helps teachers provide experiences that build strong foundational skills in ten learning domains included in the Texas Prekindergarten guidelines with particular emphasis on language, literacy, numeracy and scientific discovery and problem solving.
The CLC daily routines and procedures help children participate safely and successfully in whole- and small-group activities that include child-directed productive play in learning centers and small group teacher-directed learning activities.
Additional social-emotional and developmental interactions occur with TAMU faculty, staff and college students. Soon, the “Grandma and Grandpa” senior citizen program will be introduced to share a truly intergenerational experience of learning and sharing. 

Program Highlights

  • Open from 7:15 am – 6:00 pm, Monday – Friday except holidays
  • Quality, compassionate childcare and educational experiences for children
  • Full day preschool and childcare, children 2.6-6.0 years
  • Half day preschool and childcare
  • Afterschool care/ tutoring for elementary students

Tuition & Fees

  • Full-day tuition, $775 per month
  • Half-day tuition, 3 hours, $450 per month
    Supply Fees, $75 per semester
  • Tuition is based on business expenses required to provide high quality care for our staff, families, and children, and to maintain consistency in staffing and programming. If a child does not attend for any reason, tuition will not be prorated or reduced
  • For more information about payments, click here

Our Executive Director

Vicki Gibson, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Executive Director

Dr. Gibson is an author, national educational consultant, and expert in early childhood development and education, classroom management and self-regulation, curriculum design, and differentiating instruction.
Below is an overview of Dr. Gibson’s credentials and achievements prior to serving as Executive Director to the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC):
  • Completed Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees at Texas A&M University
  • Employed by Bryan Independent School District for 10 years as a kindergarten teacher and a learning disability specialist
  • Owned and directed three private preschools in Bryan/College Station from 1984-2009, The Education Station, Collier Campus, Inc., and Longmire Learning Center
  • Taught as an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M University and supervised pre-service teachers
  • Authored numerous professional development guides and curricula that are sold nationally, including McGraw Hill’s Comprehensive Reading Programs, Wonders Reading Program for Grades K-Grade 5, and Treasures Reading Program for K-Grades 5
  • Authored early childhood curriculum, We Can, published by Voyager Learning and sold nationally since 2002
  • Recently authored a comprehensive early learning curriculum, Ready to Advance Early Learning Program (RTA) that provides instructional support and guidance to ensure children are prepared to achieve early learning educational standards in all 50 states.